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Join Our Pod

Do you dream of living under the sea? Mermaids and Mermen of our Pod love to explore and play. Express your creativity and learn how to safely transform into a mermaid!

Fun for Mermaids and Mermen of All Ages!

Here are the Details

Our Mermaid program starts with the Try Mermaid program. The program focuses on the fun and basics of mermaiding. We will go through some basics about safety and how to put on your tail. We will then swim around and play some mermaid games, and take photos!


  • Be able to swim comfortably in a pool

  • Minimum Age: 6 Years Old

The Mermaid course ​begins in the classroom where we will study the lore of mermaids across the globe. Such a captivating idea, mermaids can be found, in various forms, in stories passed down from generation to generation in many cultures!

We will next head to the pool and learn how to perform basic breath holds and move effectively in the water. You will learn how to manuever underwater and perform basic show moves!

The Mermaid class takes places over two days and is a ton of fun! Upon successful completion of the program, you will earn the official SSI Mermaid Certification!

Ready to Become a Full Mermaid?

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